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Perhaps someone knows.... [Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
@ 11:27pm]

It has been quite a while since Rins last album. Are they working on the new one or maybe they have quit?
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[Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
@ 8:41pm]

hey! who's got sakitama?! Share it please!!
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New to group! [Friday, August 11th, 2006
@ 12:51pm]

Hello there I am a new member to the group I just joined yesterday. I don't really know anything about this group apart from the information I have read off here. I although I don't much at all about tradtional Japanese music I know that the little I have heard I really like it...
I can't remember the exact name of the insturment but there is a three stringed thin necked lute in tradtional Japanese music that I would eventually really like to learn how to play. And I think that by getting into a great band like this will help me with the small goal.
I would love hear some of the girls music ..and then hopefully I can go out and purchase a CD in a few months. If any of you guys have music files you would be willing to share and let me listen too you can send them to my email at kala@hotmail.com
I hope to have lots of fun in the group and learn lots about this group.
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[Friday, January 28th, 2005
@ 12:02pm]

I totally just found out about Rin' like a few days ago!! I fell in love immediately!

Anyway, wanted to know whether you guys knew a place where I could get the lyrics to their songs?

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Alrighty! [Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
@ 2:26am]

So the new Rin' album, "Asuka", was released on 9/29. DUe to a trip to Disneyland for Gay Day, I wasn't able to afford pre-ordering the album like I wanted to.

As soon as I buy it, I'll try to get it up.

For the time being, you can find three tracks to listen to at Hybride, link courtesy of Mr. blademonkiRyan.

Askua is a great track, and a better album opener than Jikuu. Check it out!
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Hi, all! [Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
@ 4:04am]
[ mood | awake ]

Wow, I can't believe that there's an LJ group for Rin' already! And with such a great layout! :D They only made their debut a few months ago, I think. I had the good luck of coming across their music while I was searching for MP3 rotation sites and downloaded their first album in its entirety.

I find that I can only really enjoy their music in certain settings because of the ties I've made in my mind between the type of music Rin' makes and the imagery of a typical traditional Japanese home. I love listening to Rin' while reading Blade of the Immortal. ^ ^


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[Monday, August 9th, 2004
@ 12:23pm]

Cross posting previous distress from LJ:

Well I was looking around Rin's website just now and they were in WASHINGTON D.C. FOR THE CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL 3 MONTHS AGO AND I DIDN'T KNOW!
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The Official Birth of the Rin' Community [Monday, August 9th, 2004
@ 2:21am]

[ mood | Creative and Accomplished ]

This Community is best viewed at a 1024X768 resolution with a 1024X600 browser viewing area.
Japanese text support is encouraged.

A few nights ago, I was talking to my dear boy blademonkiRyan. In the middle of our conversation, Rin' came up. I'd heard of this wonderful band before, but had only found sample clips. With newfound determination to hear complete songs, I had him send me some stuff. I've been hooked ever since. I noticed the LJ fanbase for Rin' is close to nil, and as such, there is</strike> was no Rin' community. Which is why I present this community to you now.

Who or what is Rin' you ask?  Let me tell you.

Rin' is a three woman outfit comprised of Tomoca Nagasu, Mana Yoshinaga, Chie Arai.  Brandishing traditional Japanese instruments such as the Koto, Sangen, Biwa, and Shakuhachi, these girls meld together traditional Japanese music with modern pop, and sometimes even hints of electronic and dance music.  Layered on top of very soothing and audially pleasing vocals, the end result is a new mellifluous contribution to the genre of Neo-Japanesque music, a genre that's only prominently been explored by Kagrra,.  The world needs more bands like Rin' and Kagrra,.

Currently, you can sample clips at their Official Website.  There, you can sample clips of all of their songs.  At some point in the near future, I hope to do a small limited MP3 rotation.  If you currently own any Rin' songs, I suggest you share with everyone you can and encourage them to go out and buy the albums to support this talented band.

Spread the word, and bask in the glory that is Rin'.  I hope to see many of you join up at this community.  Let me know what you think of the layout.
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A Test Entry [Monday, August 9th, 2004
@ 2:09am]

Currently formatting the community. Bear with me, nonexistant members!
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